Review: The Lina Bluetooth Mirror

Author: Martin Grobler | Date: 08 February 2023 | Comments:

Have you ever wondered why the makeup you painstakingly apply every morning looks somewhat below par when you leave the house each morning?

Firstly, what you did not notice, is that the light in your bathroom is completely different from the light outside. Which means your makeup is affected by lack of good lighting in your bathroom when performing that requisite make-up ritual.

And guess what? Urbanlux now has the perfect solution to this. It’s a revolutionary bathroom mirror with in-built LED lighting, a defogger and now with Bluetooth connectivity.

Plus, these mirrors look so good, its quality 100% tested for durability and functionality and manufactured by an international brand, Focco. Definitely a must for every luxury bathroom… or normal bathroom ????

The mirrors have a soft, ambient, and pleasant light imparting the entire room with a warm and relaxed atmosphere and they are designed to be safe in humid conditions - corrosion proof.

The LED lamps are invisible, and the lighting strips are securely anchored to prevent them from detaching so, not only does the mirror look great, but you can also put your makeup on without the light beaming directly into your eyes!

Lina Bluetooth Mirror Large
Lina Bluetooth Mirror Small

The Lina Bluetooth mirror comes complete with an easy to operate touch screen to control the light, the defogger and bluetooth functions and a speaker is integrated behind the mirror and emits great sound enabling you to enjoy your favourite music whilst applying your makeup in a perfect manner.

This Lina Bluetooth mirror is the way forward in bathroom lighting and is your go to choice first thing every morning. Change your bathroom morning rituals into an awesome experience.

And for the men, this mirror will also enhance your shaving experience.

Please note: All Focco mirrors should be installed by qualified professionals.


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